Control IELTS Exam Nerves With These Simple Tips

Control IELTS exam nerves with these simple tips

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One of the most common questions I get from students who have already taken the IELTS exam is how to control IELTS exam nerves. Most students spend their time on vocabulary, grammar, speaking and writing skills and don’t give much thought to exam nerves.

Even the most confident of students can be affected by exam nerves. Over and over again I hear this same complaint from students.

When I do practice exams in class or at home my scores are good but when I took the real IELTS exam my score was much lower. What can I do to perform better in the exam not just when I study?

The most common reason for the difference in scores when you study at home and when you take the real test is simple. Exam stress. You don’t feel the same, you don’t think the same and you don’t perform the same when you are in a stressful situation. It is no secret that the IELTS exam is a stressful situation.

Control IELTS exam nerves with these simple tips to reduce exam stress and maximise your band scores.

1. Be a good student.

If your exam stress is caused by the fact that you haven’t prepared well then there is only one solution. You need to do the work that is required. Be honest with yourself and figure out how much you need to study and prepare. Lazy or unmotivated students never do well on the IELTS exam.

2. Have a positive attitude.

I see so many students who have bad expectations of themselves. They decide in their mind that they will fail before they even take the test. If you have a positive attitude then you are more likely to relax and do well. Being positive will really help control IELTS exam nerves make you perform better.

3. Relax before the exam.

If you have prepared for the IELTS exam for a few months you are not likely to learn anything new on the day before the exam. Relax, play sport, watch a movie or do anything not connected to the exam. Also, make sure you sleep well the night before the exam.

4. Be in a good mood.

Another way to control IELTS exam nerves is to be in a good mood before the exam. Get to the exam on time and focus on how well you think you can do. Eat a healthy breakfast and chat with a friend. Don’t focus on how difficult the exam may be just on how well you will do.

5. Listen to music and relax.

Listening to uplifting music may help you focus on positive thoughts and not problems that may or may not occur during the test. Take your mind off the exam and think about something relaxing or positive. Chewing gum may help improve concentration during the exam.

6. Realise that you cannot fail.

So many students who can’t control IELTS exam nerves worry about what will happen if they fail. The truth is, you can’t fail. If you don’t get the score you need you can try again. The only way you can fail is by giving up. Every exam you take is a step towards success.

7. Practice being nervous during the IELTS exam.

Almost all students experience some form of exams nerves during the IELTS test. Some students control IELTS exam nerves better than others. Try to do practice IELTS task in an unfamiliar location to simulate the exam room. Doing exam tasks in a busy or noisy place will help you to ignore distractions and focus. Do practice exam tasks when you are not feeling well or when you are really tired, this is to practice forcing yourself to concentrate and perform well.

When you get your IELTS result analyse it and work out what you need to do next time to improve enough to get the score you require. Don’t give up, keep preparing, keep practicing and keep positive.

Every student is different, take the time to find out what helps you control IELTS exam nerves and then practice doing that. The more you practice and the more you take the exam the less nervous you will be.

Here’s What To Do Next To Control IELTS Exam Nerves:
1. Practice exam tasks in an unfamiliar environment.
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