IELTS Listening Test – Error Correction

IELTS Listening Test Error Correction

VIDEO: IELTS Listening Test Error Correction – Make Fewer Mistakes
In this video I will show you several ways to avoid making silly mistakes in the IELTS listening exam. When you do practice listening activities do you make the following silly mistakes? IELTS listening mistakes and how to correct them If you make any of those mistakes don’t worry too much. They are NOT listening mistakes and can be easily corrected. To correct these errors and stop making them during the listening exam, you need to spend some time and check your answers after the audio has stopped. IELTS Listening Test Error Correction Too often I see students transfer answers as soon as the audio stops. As they do this they are also transferring mistakes and making error correction more difficult. IELTS Listening Test Error Correction It is easier to see mistakes when they are next to the question. Here are a few examples of the mistakes I mentioned earlier. Can you see the errors? IELTS Listening Test Error Correction

Now let’s correct those mistakes: click to see the corrections
IELTS Listening Test Error Correction
It is important to remember that the listening test is not just about listening. You have to follow instructions and use correct grammar in your answers. Next time you do a practice listening task make sure you take time to check the grammar of your answers BEFORE you transfer them to the answer sheet. The IELTS Coach


Here’s What To Do To Improve Your Error Correction In The Listening Test:
1. Do practice test tasks and identify your common errors.
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3. Find grammar or spelling practice tasks to help with your specific problems.
4. Share this article with friends who are preparing for the IELTS speaking exam.

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