IELTS Speaking Quiz

IELTS Part 1 Speaking Topics for 2020

Before taking the IELTS exam it is important that you know what to expect in the exam as well as what is expected of you. Here is a simple quiz to test your knowledge of the IELTS speaking exam. Write your answers down and then check them at the bottom of this page.

Write short answers to the IELTS speaking quiz questions below. Knowing this information will make you better prepared when you decide to take your IELTS speaking exam. Good luck.

IELTS Speaking Quiz – PDF Download

IELTS Speaking Quiz General Test Information:

1. How many parts are in the IELTS speaking exam?
2. How long does the speaking exam usually take?
3. How many examiners give the speaking test?
4. What is the maximum score a candidate can get?

IELTS Speaking Quiz Part 1:

5. What types of questions are asked in part 1?
6. How many different topics are usually discussed?
7. How long should each answer be?
8. How many questions will the examiner ask?

IELTS Speaking Quiz Part 2:

9. What type of question is asked in part 2?
10. Why are candidates given a pen and paper?
11. How long do candidates have to prepare?
12. How long do candidates need to speak for?

IELTS Speaking Quiz Part 3:

13. What topic is discussed in part 3?
14. How many questions will the examiner ask?
15. How long should each answer be?
16. How are the questions different from part 1?

1. 3
2. 12 – 14 minutes
3. 1
4. 9.0
5. Personal
6. 3 or 4
7. 1 or 2 sentences
8. 10 – 15
9. Topic card
10. To take notes
11. 1 minute
12. 1 – 2 minutes
13. Related to part 2
14. 6 -8
15. 3 or 4 sentences
16. Global not personal

IELTS Speaking Quiz – PDF Download

If you are unsure about the answers given here please leave a comment or question below so that I can answer it.

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