Skype English Lessons – Make Them Effective For IELTS Candidates

What To Do In Your Skype English Lessons For IELTS Candidates

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Skype English lessons are a very popular way for ESL students to practice their English speaking skills. To get the most out of any English lesson it is important that you follow a few simple steps.

In this article I will give some tips on how to get the most out of your Skype English lessons, whether they are with a native English speaker or a non-native speaker. The 3 parts to creating effective Skype English lessons for IELTS candidates are:

1. Preparation: What to do before your lessons.
2. Practice: What to do during your lessons.
3. Review: What to do after each lesson.

1. What should you do before your Skype English lessons?

If you start your Skype English lessons without a plan it won’t be long before you run out of things to say or do with your Skype speaking partner. Planning and preparation before your Skype call will make your lessons more effective, enjoyable and stress free.

I recommend creating a 1 page lesson plan for each Skype call you have. This lesson plan should include introductory questions that you can ask and answer with your partner for the first 5 to 10 minutes.

Then you should move on to the main aim of your lesson. This could be brainstorming vocabulary together or discussing an IELTS part 2 topic card. You could analyse and discuss a chart or topic from the IELTS writing exam.

The final part of your lesson should include some kind of review. Go over what you have learnt in the lesson.

Sample Lesson Plan:

Introduction: 5 minutes

Questions: How was your weekend? What IELTS preparation have you done recently?
Discussions: My friends wedding. Preparing for University exams next month.
Focus For Today: IELTS Speaking part 3, mainly structure and fluency.

Main Topic: 20 minutes

Speaking Part 3: Review today’s topics and part 3 structure. I want feedback on my fluency.
Questions: Send PDF document. Brainstorm some ideas and discuss first.
Activity: Take turns asking and answering all of the questions.

Review: 5 minutes

Feedback: What was good or bad about my answers? How can I improve? Can you suggest any tasks to practice?
Main Lesson: What was the most important thing you learnt today? How will you improve from today’s lesson?
Homework: What activities will we do to improve from today’s performance?

2. What should you do during your Skype English lessons?

Now that you have your lesson plan, the actual lesson should be easy and productive. You don’t have to think of topics or questions to ask, just refer to your lesson plan.

Go through each of the parts of your lesson plan and add in more questions or activities if appropriate. Remember, the plan is just a guide to help you if you can’t think of things to do or talk about. If you think of other ideas as you go through the lesson, use those ideas or write them down and use them in future lessons.

It is important to take notes during your Skype English lessons. Write down words, phrases or useful information that you learn during the lesson. It may also be a good idea to record the lesson but make sure you have permission from your Skype speaking partner.

After you have completed the lesson and reviewed what you have learnt, think about the next lesson. Decide what your next lesson will be about and give you and your partner homework. Don’t forget to schedule the time and date for your next lesson.

3. What should you do after your Skype English lessons?

After your lesson is over and you have ended your Skype call your opportunity to learn hasn’t finished. Immediately after any of your Skype English lessons it is important to review your Skype call and focus on what you have learnt.

If you don’t review what you learn it is very easy to forget that information. Try to do one or all of the following review tasks:

  • Look at the notes you made during the lesson and add to them if you can.
  • Write a 4 sentence summary of your Skype call.
  • Write 3 to 6 new words in your vocabulary diary.
  • Write a thank you email or Facebook message to your Skype speaking partner.

Each of these activities don’t take much time but they can really help reinforce what you studied during your Skype English lessons.

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