The IELTS Writing Correction Service with 1 on 1 Skype Lessons.

"The Skype Writing Course Gives You IELTS Writing Test Practice With An Experienced IELTS Expert"

Why should you choose the Skype Writing Course?

Study when you want

You decide when you study.  The schedule for this course is flexible so if you have a meeting or an unexpected appointment, you can reschedule the lesson for another time.

Personalised 1 to 1 lessons

All of the lessons in this IELTS writing course are spent 1 on 1 with Mr. Lee, a native English speaking IELTS teacher with more than 15 years teaching experience.

Estimated band scores for all 4 writing criteria

At the end end of the course, the teacher will give an estimate of what scores the student can expect in the real IELTS writing exam based on practice test performance.

Improve your scores guaranteed!

If you complete all of the lessons and homework tasks and feel that you have not improved your IELTS writing skills then I will give you your money back.  100% Guaranteed!

Individual feedback that will improve your score

Every student is different and the help they need is different.  This IELTS course provides very specific techniques for individual students, not general tips for everyone.

5 complete authentic IELTS writing exams

Throughout the course each student will complete 5 full IELTS writing exams.  The teacher will provide targeted feedback for each part of the exam to help students reach a high band score.

Tips and tricks to improve your writing score

The IELTS exam is not just about your English ability.  This course will provide students with useful test taking tips and strategies to achieve the maximum IELTS band score.

Record all of your lessons on video!

The software that is used for the online lessons allows students to record the lessons.  This means that you can watch the lessons over and over again.

Study when and where you want!

Let me help you improve your IELTS score with writing test correction.

Lee Fritze

Hi, I’m Mr. Lee.  I have 15 years experience in helping students to improve their English skills and to prepare for exams.

I created this course for students who want specific advice that will help them in their next IELTS exam.  If you follow the advice that I give and do a lot of self study, you will see improvement in your band score.

This course is most useful for students who only have a short amount of time to prepare for an upcoming IELTS exam.  Students who are currently around a 6.0 and need to improve by half a band score or more will get the most benefit out of this course.

Lee Fritze The IELTS Coach

This Skype writing course will give you the confidence you need to excel in the IELTS writing exam.  I only accept a limited number of students at one time.  Each course includes five 45 minute lessons.

Course Requirements

This course is for students who ...

  • have a Skype account and a reliable internet connection
  • have an IELTS level of around 6.0
  • are active learners who want to improve
  • will follow advice and apply what they learn
  • can spend 2 hours or more each day doing homework and self study

Why Private Coaching Works

Studying in class with 10 or more students makes it difficult to receive much help from the teacher.  1 on 1 lessons allow students to get all the help they need from the teacher.

Here is what some of my students are saying:

Phuong Nguyen Phuong Nguyen, 7.5

Thanks so much Mr. Lee.

I received 20 hours of coaching from Lee and my results improved from a 6.0 to 7.0 in the writing exam.

Bao Huy Bao Huy, 6.5

I recommend getting help from Mr. Lee.  He helped me see my mistakes and showed me a few things that I could do to improve.

I am very happy with my improvement and I will continue to use the advice Mr. Lee gave me for my next IELTS test.

Not Just Test Practice

This course will show you study skills and test taking skills that you can use long after the course is finished.  Just doing test after test means making mistake after mistake.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q.How long is each lesson?

    A.The lessons in the course are 45 minutes.  This allows students time to get specific advice from the teacher and then go and do self study with what they have learnt.

  • Q.What happens during each lesson?

    A.Each lesson follows a similar structure.  You will be given writing tasks to complete as homework and then live feedback, tips and model answers will be given during the video lesson.

Be A Better Student

Taking this course won't make you a better student.  You need to listen to the advice and the use it.  Practice doing what you learn and review, this leads to improvement.

The course includes ...

  • 5 full authentic IELTS writing exams
  • Face to face feedback with an IELTS expert
  • Written feedback and corrections for your writing tasks
  • End of lesson reports with self study suggestions
  • 5 bonus IELTS writing tests for self study
  • A flexible schedule to suit your needs
  • 5 model answers for the writing exam
  • Tips & tricks to improve your writing score
  • Your questions answered by an IELTS expert

Study when and where you want!